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Montana Attorney General’s Investigations


CAI’s Press Release – April 5, 2012
CAI’s Board of Directors’ Statement – April 5, 2012
CAI’s Executive Director’s Message – April 5, 2012
Agreement and Assurance of Voluntary Compliance between the AG and CAI
Montana Attorney General’s Office Report


OFFICE OF THE MONTANA ATTORNEY GENERAL (OAG): In July 2012, CAI and the OAG entered into an Agreement and Assurance of Voluntary Compliance (AVC). As of August 2013, CAI has satisfactorily completed all specific actions outlined in the AVC and the Attorney General’s office. CAI will continue to be under their observation until April 2015 and a representative of the OAG is present at all Board meetings.

PURPORTED CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT: In October 2013, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco dismissed the purported class-action lawsuit against CAI, coauthors Greg Mortenson and the late David Oliver Relin, and Penguin Group publishing. The federal appeals court ruling upheld U.S. District Court Judge Sam E. Haddon’s dismissal of the case with prejudice in Great Falls, Montana, in May 2012. Please visit

MASTER PROJECT LIST: CAI performed a verification of overseas projects by way of survey teams composed of US-based and overseas managers. Based on those assessments and evaluations, we prepare and post our Master Project List on our website. The list is a “living document,” in that it is constantly amended with the most current information available about each CAI project. We are currently developing an accompanying interactive mapping feature that will be an educational resource about our projects.

BLOG: The CAI Communiqué includes stories about projects, communities and our overseas project managers, as well as news from the areas we serve.

FINANCIAL INFORMATION: : CAI’s annual audited financial statements, IRS 990s, and annual reports are available on financial page of our website, and are available upon request

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: CAI currently has 8 voting members on our Board of Directors. Greg Mortenson is a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Board of Directors. Click here for the names of CAI’s current board members.

GREG MORTENSON’S ROLE: As announced in December 2011, Greg remains on staff as co-founder. His role will be focused on delivering educational opportunities, especially for girls, in the communities we serve, and continuing to educate the public about peace through education.

PENNIES FOR PEACE: Students, schools and community groups are active, and every penny collected has gone, and will continue to go, to schools in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. For more information visit

JOURNEY OF HOPE: Every year CAI publishes a detailed publication that summarizes our work, the challenges and problems we face, and the results of what we do as reflected by the people we serve. Electronic copies of the Journey of Hope are available on our website and hard copies are available upon request,

ARCHIVED NEWS HEADLINES: Information and statements of interest that Central Asia Institute’s Board of Directors and Greg Mortenson have provided are listed under our Archived News Headlines to answer any questions, concerns, and inquiries related to events that affected our organization through the media.

For further questions, concerns and inquires, please email