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Today, other groups work to combat ignorance and share the gift of education. But at Central Asia Institute, we’re different. We are what happens when educators leave the beaten path.

Not content to take the easy road, we’ve left convention behind to work in some of the most remote and dangerous places in the world.

Where there are often no roads, no schools, and no hope.

Some of these communities have been neglected for hundreds of years, plagued by violence and poverty, having little contact with the outside world.


It’s in these places, sometimes called “the last best places”, that we’ve found amazing people.

Village elders who want to see their communities prosper, parents who want a better life for their kids, and children who dream of becoming doctors or politicians.

But even these amazing people can’t transform a society alone. They need a little help.
So we help build schools, construct vocational centers, and create health programs.

All with the goal of empowering these communities to carry on independently, to be self-sustaining, because it’s CAI’s philosophy that people don’t need a hand out, but a hand up.

And we’re patient. We realize radical change doesn’t happen overnight.

We don’t do the work we do, with the people we do, because these countries are in the news or because that’s where the money is. We’ve worked in the region for over a decade, and CAI is committed to achieving lasting, generational change. That’s why we’re educating girls.

“The saying goes, “If you educate a woman, you educate a nation, you educate a generation.” CAI educates boys and girls, but it is the girls who are symbols of hope.”

Educating one woman is the equivalent of educating several men because she shares her knowledge with her family, her children, and her community, amplifying the impact of one school ten-fold.

SHE is the key.

Her family will be smaller and healthier, her children will be twice as likely to go to school, and she will raise her family out of poverty by bringing home more money with every year of school she completes.

In a seedbed of poverty, ignorance, and extremism, she is a ray of hope.

So we must do everything in our power to help her succeed.

  • We must build her a school
  • We must make it safe
  • We must give her well-trained teachers
  • We must keep her healthy
  • We must help her grow

It has been said that “the roughest road leads to the heights of greatness.” Central Asia Institute attempts to navigate that road every day.

But just like the amazing people we serve, we can’t do it alone. Only together can we combat the epidemic that is ignorance, violence, and poverty. Only together can we change the world. Together  we are Central Asia Institute.

Join us!

Peace through education. Educate a girl, change the world.